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Lab gruppen E 10:4


Lab gruppen


  • Lab gruppen E 10:4 1,000 W amplifier carrying 4 flexible output channels in a high power density 1 rack unit form factor saves rack space and system cost
  • Energy efficient with Energy Star* certification for supreme green credentials and exceptionally low lifetime running costs
  • Flexible IntelliDrive permits delivering the 4 x 250 W at constant voltage 70 V or low impedance (2, 4, 8 and 16 Ohms) on any channel
  • Asymmetric channel loading allows mixing and matching loads with different impedances to maximize overall system efficiency and inventory utilization
  • High efficiency amplifier with low power consumption and minimized heat generation lowers demands on the installations' mains distribution and cooling systems
  • IDEEA outputs stage based on proprietary, state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier technology for superior performance
  • Comprehensive fail safe circuit protection ensures continued operation even under reduced operating conditions
  • Auto-standby and auto-power-on reduces power consumption to below 1 W in non-operating cycles
  • Rail Sense Limiter (RSL) greatly reduces signal clipping and ensures simple configuration for constant voltage and low impedance loads
  • Built in 50 Hz high pass filter selectable per channel available on rear panel switch
  • Per channel attenuation knob and signal LED on rear panel for simple commissioning
  • Efficient cooling with temperature-controlled fans with front to back airflow
  • Aluminum front panel with power and temperature LEDs and per-channel signal and limit LEDs
  • GPIO connector with power control and indication for further system integration
  • Balanced high-quality analog inputs and amplifier outputs on detachable screw terminals
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1 piece

€2 090,00

Monthly payment from: 60,00 €


Quick start guide : Lab gruppen E-series Quick start guide (.pdf)


Max. Output Power (all ch.’s driven)
2 ohms N.R.
4 ohms 250 W*
8 ohms 250 W*
16 ohms 125 W*
70 V 250 W*
100 V 250 W*
Dimension : 483 x 417 x 44 mm
Weight : 6,7kg

*See spec sheet for details