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Midas DN4816-O




  • Breakout box with 16 balanced XLR line out for StageConnect and Behringer Ultranet systems
  • Analog output box for other StageConnect devices, Midas HUB4 and Behringer WING or Ultranet transmitters such as Midas MR18/M32 and DL16/DL32 stageboxes
  • StageConnect 32-channel audio transmission at sub-millisecond latency, 24-Bit uncompressed PCM, 44.1/48 kHz using standard XLR microphone or DMX cable
  • Two units can be cascaded for a total of 32 low-latency analogue outputs fed from a single StageConnect source
  • Flexible connectivity on stage and between side racks using any balanced microphone cable
  • Supports bi-directional audio configurations, with control data and 12 VDC/18 W remote power
  • Master mode allows exchanging multichannel audio with a chain of other StageConnect devices
  • Operates in Master mode, or as Slave synchronised to StageConnect or Ultranet input streams
  • Ultranet output for feeding Turbosound iQ speaker systems and Behringer P16 personal monitoring directly from StageConnect bus
  • External power supply for standalone use and offering remote power on the StageConnect Master output
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Price per piece: 374,00 €


Quick start guide : Midas DN4816-O Quick start guide (.pdf)

Spec sheet and quick start guide

Mõõdud : 483 x 169 x 49mm
Kaal : 2,2kg


Dimensions : 483 x 169 x 49mm
Weight : 2,2kg