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TC Helicon GoXLR MIC


TC Helicon


  • TC Helicon GoXLR MIC professionaalne dünaamiline mikrofon
    The GoXLR MIC is a streaming enthusiast’s dream come true! With ultra-low-noise design, this professional-quality dynamic microphone is an excellent choice for any broadcasting scenario. The GoXLR MIC provides incredible high-quality performance and is rugged enough to go the distance with a heavy-duty multi-adjustable mount
  • Universally Adjustable
    GoXLR MIC is designed for perfect positioning via a 3-dimensional adjustment mechanism.
    Dual articulation locking joints allow precise control for fine-tuning the position of your mic for any setup. The sliding pop filter height is adjustable via an accessible thumb screw.
  • Why the GoXLR MIC?
    GoXLR MIC doesn’t just look great; it’s a powerful recording tool with an almost flat 50 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, a highly directional super-cardioid polar pattern, and a high-quality transducer and gold plated XLR output.
  • Accent Rings
    Customize your streaming rig by swapping out the silver anodized ring with one of 9 colored accent rings. Replace the ring color to match your mood, or your streaming room color-scheme. Replacement is very simple – first remove the pop filter, then unscrew the nut from the base of the mic to swap the ring
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Tüüp: Super-Cardioid
Dünaamiline mikrofon
Sageduskarakteristik: 50 Hz to 18 kHz
Imppedants: 300 Ohms
Pistik: Gold-Plated XLR
Tundlikkus: -74 db
Kaal: 485 g