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Titanex 5G4




  • Titanex rubber cable
  • H07RN-F 5 x 4mm²
  • Priced per meter
  • The TITANEX® flexible rubber cable range offers exceptional performances and is designed to release you from all your constraints.
  • Robust yet flexible, TITANEX® is easy to use and withstands the toughest of conditions, such as hard-wearing situations, extreme temperatures and most chemicals
  • Best choice for all mobile and fixed installations in industrial environments such as construction sites, cranes, machines tools, factories, generators etc
  • TITANEX® is also suitable for public environments and temporary events such as festivals or sports competitions, where the cable is often laid directly on the ground with no protection
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1 piece


Price per piece: 6,90 €


Number of cores    5
Conductor cross-section    4mm²
Minimum outer diameter    15.6mm
Maximum outer diameter    19.9mm
Approximate weight    453kg/km
Electrical characteristics
Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um)    450 / 750 V
Voltage drop, single phase    8.72V/A.km
Permissible current rating in open air    42A